Insulation of metal warehouse buildings with polyurethane foam

Spraying with polyurethane foam is the most effective method for insulating non-capital constructions. In terms of energy-saving characteristics, this material is twice as warm as mineral or basalt wool: 50 mm of polyurethane foam is equal to 100 mm of wool. The insulating material is very light, has excellent adhesion to the metal surface of the warehouse and is applied to the surface airly quickly.

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Why you should choose PUR foam for your warehouse

A huge number of advantages have made this material extremely popular – it is used in warehouses of various types and designs, getting the maximum effect in the cold season.

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Vapor barrier and waterproofing

The material protects the warehouse from moisture penetration perfectly well. An absolutely tight fit between the foam and the metal results in the absence of condensation.

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Spraying on any shape

Since the material is sprayed with a spray gun, the shape of the base does not matter. This method is more advantageous compared to layers of mineral wool, which cannot always be successfully mounted on the ceiling area.

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Polyurethane foam does not leave cold joints, forming a reliable protection against wind and moisture. The absence of material shrinkage guarantees tightness for many years.

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Non-combustible material

High fire safety indicators make it possible to use polyurethane foam in all areas of industrial and domestic construction. The material is fire resistant.

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Fast spraying

PUR foam with a closed porous structure is applied quite quickly – up to 200 m2 per day. The material also does not require special exposure and plasticizes after a few hours.

Insulation with polyurethane foam is one of the most economical ways to protect your steel warehouse building from frost.

How we insulate warehouses

Most often, the insulation procedure is included in the project at the initial stage of construction. When all stages of the construction of the warehouse have been completed, our specialists performing this particular sector of work come to the facility.

In case you already have a warehouse built by another organization, we need to estimate the volume of work in order to carry out the insulation. To do this, an employee of Oscar Metal will visit the facility, find out the nuances of the task and provide you with an accurate estimate for the work. We draw up all the work in a contract, which specifies the terms and methods of phased payment. On the appointed day, a team of Oscar Metal foremen delivers equipment to the facility and insulates the warehouse or the storage facility.

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