Reconstruction Canopies

Warehouses and hangars with a long service life inevitably become unusable and show partial destruction. Even if the structure was made in accordance with all building rules and regulations, some structural elements may suffer from mechanical damage. Also, metal that is not coated with an anti-corrosion compound can be destroyed. The Oscar Metal company carries out spot and complex repairs of prefabricated structures.

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What kinds of reconstruction we offer

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Installation and dismantling of old warehouses

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Warehouse roof restoration

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Restoration of industrial floors indoors

The destruction of storage facilities can lead to an increase in humidity inside the warehouse, leakage from the roof and other consequences that will negatively affect the quality of the stored goods. If we are talking about agricultural buildings, grain, vegetables or farm animals may suffer in this case. Timely restoration of the integrity of the building will help your business generate uninterrupted income and flourish further.

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How we repair prefabricated structures

Repair of warehouses of any design should be carried out by specialists who are well aware of the specifics of their business. We strongly do not recommend carrying out repairs on your own, as this may result in a collapse of the structure or a deterioration in the ondition of the warehouse. What are the steps for a proper repair:

Expert assessment of load-bearing structures and roofs

Installation of new racks and girders

Replacement of dilapidated roof sheets

Preparation of reporting documentation on the work performed

Renovation of the building sections that require insulation

The main task in carrying out repairs is the correct calculation of the load on structural elements. Besides, the correct choice of materials, options for insulating the warehouse and ventilation systems are taken into account. Oscar Metal specialists carry out all work in accordance with SNiP (building codes and regulations), so we confidently guarantee the quality and reliability of repairs.

If your warehouse has been functioning since the times of the USSR or was built in the 90s, then it is imperative to audit the state of the warehouse and determine the degree of wear of structural elements.

Do not wait for water to flow from the roof or metal corrosion to show holes in the walls – carry out timely high-quality repairs together with Oscar Metal!


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